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Anti-Graffiti Anti-Stick Non-Stick Coatings & Safe Graffiti Removers


SEI's Anti-Graffiti Technology takes the battle to the taggers and actually deters them from the act of graffiti.

Our unique coatings utilize nanotechnology and contain a high-slip anti-stick constituents that do not allow paints, stickers, markers or adhesives to adhere.

On the cleaning side, SEI's Migratory Technology penetrates vandalism and chemically fractures the molecular bonds in paints, lacquers, enamels and marker. SEI's removers creates space between the graffiti and the substrate making removal easy.

Our products are designed for maximum consumer safety and do not contain methylene chloride, chlorinated solvents, methanol or toulene.

Graffiti Proofer is a registered trademark of SEI Chemical.

Graffiti Testing (3mb file / 60 seconds to open)

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CAUTION - California Compliancy:

Certain coating and chemical products meet AQMD rule 1113 Architectural Coatings, Rule 1107 Coating of Metal Parts and Products and Rule 1145 Plastic, Rubber, Leather and Glass Coatings.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to know what regulation is applicable on a product and geographic basis. If you are not sure please contact customer service.  See Company Polices.


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