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Corrosion Preventative With Adhesive or Without

Corrosion Proofer

CPT-1000 Emitter

CPT-1000 Pads are extruded with durable, elastic polyurethane foam with tremendous surface area. CPT chemistry is impregnated directly into the foam during extrusion, ensuring a uniform distribution. CPT-1000 Foam Pads offer an economical, long-term, environmentally friendly and easy to use solution to rust and corrosion. Each pad last twenty-four months and are unaffected by moisture, chlorides and other environmental contaminants. CPT-1000 Foam Pads come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured with an adhesive backing or with out.

  • Packaging applications
  • Shipping applications
  • Storage applications
  • Electrical boxes
  • Tool boxes
  • Inside crates and bags
  • In engine compartments, etc.


Emitter Product Data Sheet

Corrosion Prevention Products Brochure

Emitter MSDS

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