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Anti-Static Cleaning Towels



Wiping down electronic equipment with SEI Anti-Static Cleaning Towels protects devices from static electricity, avoids dust and keeps surfaces free of germs. Each towel is premoistened with a special formula that neutralizes the effects of static electricity. This avoids the loss of important data stored on computer equipment such as hard drives. In addition, by eliminating static, less dust collects on surfaces to keep equipment cleaner longer. Lastly, SEI Anti-Static Cleaning Towels help eliminate germs that linger on frequently handled equipment. Fewer germs reduces the chance of colds and other common illnesses from spreading in the workplace. SEI Anti-Static Cleaning Towels can be safely used on various electronic equipment including:

• computer terminals • keyboards • fax machines • copiers • printers

• modems • external hard drives • Head- phones

Features and Benefits:

  • special formula eliminates static to protect the loss of data
  • eliminating static keeps dust from collecting on equipment
  • towels help avoid the spread of illnesses in the workplace by removing germs
  • rom frequently handled devices
  • towels can be used on almost any electronic equipment
  • simply tear a towel from canister and wipe down devices

Anti-Static Cleaning Towels Product Data Sheet

SEI Chemical Wipes Product Line Brochure

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