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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels




Your heavy-duty tool for heavy-duty cleaning

SEI Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels are premoistened with a powerful cleaning formula capable of removing tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives from all surfaces. Each towel is made from an abrasive, yet non-scratching fabric that helps lift away heavy deposits of grime and dirt off all surfaces. SEI Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels are extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere!

SEI Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels leave behind a fresh citrus scent as they clean and are enhanced with natural oils and emollients, making them safe for hands and skin.

SEI Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels Benefits:

  • formula lifts away tar, grease, adhesives, wax, lubricants, etc.
  • abrasive yet non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning
  • replaces the need for messy, ineffective rags and soap
  • towels leave behind a fresh citrus scent as they clean
  • natural oils and emollients make towels safe for skin

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels Data Sheet

SEI Chemical Wipes Product Line Brochure

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