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Anti-Fouling - Anti-Stick - Anti-Barnacle - Anti-Zebra Muscle - Anti-Mold - Anti-Fungal

Anti-Fouling Marine Coating


SHC-500 is a high performance, highly fluorinated topcoat formulated for marine, corrosiove and anti-stick applications.  SHC-500 offers world class performance on ships hulls ranging in size from speed craft, to sail ships to barges. It is a two component high solids system offering outstanding durability and release properties as microbiological life cannot adhere to the film. Designed as an “osmotic barrier” for full immersion surface making it impervious to moisture and oxygen permeation. SHC 500 exhibits unsurpassed performance for all physical

properties as well as resistance to chemicals, weathering and corrosion. SHC 500’s low surface tension properties and hydrophobic surface make it a superior coating for marine hull applications as microbiological life, chlorides and harsh chemicals cannot penetrate or adhere.



An inert topcoat designed for full immersion service to overcoat virtually any surface and make it highly resistant to moisture and oxygen permeation, corrosion and chemical attack and abrasion. SHC-500 coatings exhibit outstanding weathering characteristics in both salt and fresh water environments. SHC-500 is ideal for full immersion service on all marine equipment, pipeline systems, water tank linings, or any immersed or semi-immersed components. Designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, carbon fiber and concrete, it provides a high quality finish, offers exceptional all round performance and is an impenetrable barrier to marine boring organisms.

  • An impenetrable barrier to marine boring organisms (readily cleaned of marine growth)
  • Outstanding Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surface properties
  • Impervious to moisture and oxygen permeation (Osmotic barrier)
  • Highly flexible and outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
  • Extremely low surface energy reduces friction and drag
  • Highly resistant to attack by hydrocarbons and chemical products
  • Water potable and completely non-toxic to marine environments


For optimum appearance properties, SHC-500 should be spray applied in two to three coats to a minimum of 3 mils DFT / 50 microns DFT. Always allow each coat to “flash off” to a tacked state prior to a following coat. SHC-500 may also be spray applied, brushed or rolled in one coat, unreduced to the recommended DFT.  SHC-500 must not be applied to surfaces at ambient temperatures above 35C / 95F. For optimum application properties, the temperature of the material should be between 10C and 25C / 50F and 80F prior to mixing and application.  Apply the coating only when the surface temperature is more than 50F or 30C above the dew point temperature of the surrounding air and relative humidity is below 85%, in order to prevent moisture condensation on the surface.


Mixing & Activation

Mixing ratio 4:1 by volume (4 parts base to 1 part activator)

Spray Viscosity: 21-25 seconds #2 Zahn

SHC-500 is a two component coating system supplied in two separate containers. Prior to activation,Base component must be thoroughly mixed by mechanical agitation. Following agitation, with a paint stick, ensure all settled material is removed from the can bottom. After activation, agitate for approximately 1-2 minutes. Reduce activated SHC-500 to a maximum of 15% if required with recommended reducer and use immediately. SHC-500 requires no induction period.


Surface Preparation

Applicable substrates for SHC-500 include ferrous metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, concrete and wood. Good surface preparation and cleaning of all substrates to be coated is essential for optimum performance of the coating system.

SEI Chemical's series of fluorinated urethane coatings should be applied over properly prepared primers.


Pot Life

3 Hours @ 21C / 70F

1 1/2 Hours @ 32C / 90F.However, these times may vary with environmental or climatic conditions. This material and its’ components are moisture sensitive. The product should be kept covered at all times after mixing and during application to prevent contamination and prevent moisture absorption.


Dry tme @ 21C / 70F ambient air cure

Tack free: 4-6 Hours

Hard Cure: 24 hours

Full Cure: 3-5 days

Immersion: Ideally after 7 days but not before 72 hours


Colors & Finishes

White, grey and black

Gloss - >90 / 600


SHC-500 exhibits excellent opacity and coverage when spray applied. If applying colors by means other than spray, test opacity over a small section to ensure adequate coverage prior to general application.

Solids content (+/- 2%) 60% by volume - White

50% by volume - Clear

Number of Coats 2-3 coats at 75 microns / 3 mils DFT - White

Coverage (theoretical) 19.66 m2 per liter @ 25 microns / 1 mil DFT - White

963 ft2 per gallon @ 25 microns / 1 mil DFT - White

16.39 m2 per liter @ 25 micron / 1 mil DFT - Clear

803 ft2 per gallon @ 25 microns / 1 mil DFT - Clear


Storage & Handling

Hazardous Goods: Paint, Flammable Liquid, UN1263 Class III Hazchem 3YE

Shipping Information: 8.30 kg/18.25 lbs. per gallon unit including container - White

6.76 kg/14.9 lbs. per gallon unit including container - Clear

VOC content: 221 grams per liter / 1.8 lbs. per gallon - White

275 grams per liter / 2.3 lbs. per gallon - Clear

Flash Point (Seta Flash): 340C / 930FStorage - SHC-500 coatings must be stored and handled in compliance with all current local regulations applying to flammable or highly flammable liquids. Store in cool, dry, protected storage, well ventilated, between 50C-350C / 40F-95F and out of direct sunlight, moisture or rain. Maintain unmixed material in sealed containers at all times.


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