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Resin Innovation

SEI’s resin technologies stem from understanding the markets needs and reacting from a scientifically entrepreneurial vantage point.  We directly tackle performance, application, environmental, curing and economic problems that result in very unique coatings that provide world-class solutions at affordable price points.  

SEI’s has a broad intellectual property portfolio of leading edge and novel resin systems. Some of our technological developments include:

  •  A uniquely synthesized a fluoro-polyol with the highest concentration of fluorine in the industry for unmatched chemical resistivity and anti-stick properties.
  • Siloxane resins with bonded methyl groups for unsurpassed release capabilities.
  • Polysilazane resins that provide unmatched high heat, UV, chemical, hardness and abrasion resistance with fast cure times and phenomenal coverage rates.
  • Unique hybrid urethane acrylics and blended water-based silane siloxane sealer systems.
  • Self cross-linking water-based acrylics and urethanes.


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