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Microbiological Technology

Our leading-edge nanotechnological and non-leaching anti-microbial technology are helping contractors, builder and consumers flight this battle in an easy to apply and non-toxic safe manner. 

SEI's unique SMP-80 Mold Proofer Construction Spray is a water-based, non-leaching environmentally and user safe product that is easily applied with a pump sprayer that will prevent the growth of microbiological life on the film for 10 years.  Our nanotechnological, water-based, inert anti-microbiological additives do not prevent microbiological life on the film by a chemical mean; they perform by a mechanical mechanism.  As well, SEI's proprietary cross linking technology known as the Dehydration Matrix is incorporated into a wide variety of products. 

Our technologies can be incorporated into any interior or exterior coating, wax, stain, preservative, wallpaper paste, water for spraying lumber or any coating used to protect any substrate where mold, mildew or fungi has the potential to grow on the film.

Mold, mildew and fungi are one of the most dangerous allergens found in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. Over 1 billion dollars was spent last year battling mold related lawsuits. Today, builders and contractors are faced with an increasing threat that eventually mold will either cost them thousands of dollars or ultimately force them out of business if they do not protect themselves.


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