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Corrosion Preventative Technology

CPT Technology

CPT™ Technology provides a high performance, environmentally safe solution to rust and corrosion for a wide variety of applications. CPT Technology is an active migrational bonding chemistry that incorporates a vapor corrosion inhibiting molecule known as the CPT Molecule. This chemistry is 100% environmentally friendly, nonŽ-toxic and biodegradable. CPT can be added to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer applications such as paints, coatings, oils, solvents, foams, papers and all types of plastics. CPT Technology is extremely effective in salt water, brine and acidic applications, making this technology useful in drilling, marine, industrial and offshore applications. CPT can also be added into concrete admixtures. CPT migrates into a concrete structure, finds the metal within, and rapidly bonds to it creating extensive corrosion protection for decades. CPT protects reinforcing steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and other metals embedded in concrete. CPT can also be used in wet or dry applications of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. CPT provides liquid, vapor and interface protection above and below fluid levels.


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